Gambling Industry Association Webmasters Tools

The following list of tools has been put together to help the members with the administration and promotion of their websites. The list is by no means complete. If you know of a useful tool, please let us know so that we can add it to the list.

Search Engine Optimization Tools

  • 1 - An extensive range of great tools to help you optimize your website
  • Datacenter PR Check - The famous McDar tool to check PR across datacenter's
  • Go Rank - Excellent resource with some advanced keyword tools
  • Instant Position - SEO tools including a free testing tool
  • Page - A collection of useful tools, well selected and put together
  • Spannerworks - SEO company with handy tools including spiders and html checkers
  • SEO Tools - Probably the best collection of webmaster tools available for free
  • Summit Media - Spider simulator
  • Web CEO - Toolkit for webmasters. Includes a wide range of tools
  • - Spider simulator and tools
Whois Tools RSS Information Other handy links
  • Copyscape - Helps you track who has copied your content
  • Fonts - Which fonts work on which browsers
  • Proxymouse - Anonymous surfing
  • LinkinLite - Script to redirect and track outgoing links
  • Time and Weather - Show the time and weather on your site
  • W3.Org - Internet and technology development. Setting standards.