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We were faced with the prospect of determining who was worthy of carry an "Approved Casino" stamp. Considering that Online Casinos are often at the center of controversy, and considering that in most cases, the casino information required to understand a casinos stance in its defense is confidential, we truly believed we were not in a position to make a call such as this.

After considering possibilities, we realized that the only people who could make a judgment call would be the players themselves. We have therefore set up a system whereby the approval of casinos lies in the hands of the players on a majority rules basis.

A vote of 66% in favor is required and a minimum of 40 votes is required to make the vote count. In the event that the affiliate program of the casino/s in question enjoys approved status, this will count as 10% towards the total vote percentage. The converse of this is that if the casinos of an affiliate program are approved, that approval will count 10% towards the approval of the affiliate program. This is to avoid a difficult situation where one entity is approved and another is not.

We ask that a vote for a casino also take into account other casinos in that group. It is important to recognize that no system is 100% perfect, and there is always much controversy in this area. The goal is to recognize the voice of many, not just the ones that make the most noise. The Polling area for Approving Casinos will not be open to discussions about the casinos. They will be VOTE ONLY threads so as to avoid individual lobbying for, or against a specific casino.

Given certain allegations about the online gambling industry and it's potential relationship with organized crime and/or terrorism, G.I.A. approved casinos will have to agree to the code of ethics before they will be allowed to display an approved badge. We are in fact going to be proactive and call on all casinos who feel that they meet the criteria to confirm that they agree to the code of conduct. This will provide the first database of its kind where the casinos who count, stand up and refute claims about ties to any illegal, immoral, or unsavory activity.

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