Affiliate Program Code of Ethics

We, the approved Affiliate Programs of the Gambling Industry Association do hereby agree to abide by the code of ethics and the spirit thereof.

  1. We acknowledge that, as we are an affiliate program, the affiliate is central to our thoughts and actions. To this end we confirm that the program has been designed with the affiliate's best interests at heart
  2. We recognize that affiliates will have questions and undertake to always respond timeously to those questions
  3. We recognize that the terms ruling at the time that an affiliate enters into an agreement with us are the terms that should apply to all players generated by that affiliate up until the time that the affiliate program might impose new changes.
  4. In this regard, we thus confirm that we will not impose change retroactively on affiliates
  5. We recognize that the measurement of an affiliates success is reliant on our tracking being accurate. We confirm that, to the best of our knowledge, the tracking facilities provided by our affiliate program and its gambling clients produce accurate results which in turn are made fully available to the affiliate
  6. In line with the above, we understand the value of giving the affiliate an easy to use and detailed affiliate backend to interpret and understand the results
  7. We recognize that the success of the affiliate also hinges on the quality and accuracy of marketing materials. We will always try and provide the very best marketing materials to ensure the success of both the affiliate and our gambling clients
  8. We recognize that affiliates operate in this business to earn an income. We confirm that the generation of income is viewed as a right and not as a privilege by the affiliate
  9. We understand that payments for income earned are crucial to normal money management issues in the lives of affiliates and undertake to make regular and timely payment of monies due
  10. We understand that ours is an industry where any moral weakness will be exposed and could be used to accuse the industry in general of immoral conduct. In this regards we confirm that we will choose the moral high ground in all situations
  11. We similarly expect that our affiliates must operate morally and will not use immoral means to market our product. Any affiliate found wanting in this regard will be asked to step into line or face closure of their account
  12. We draw any visitor or industry stakeholders attention to our declaration of morality below. We confirm that this declaration is true and that any accusation made pertaining to aspects in this regard are false and unjustified

Declaration of morality

We the affiliate program do hereby declare that we do not, directly or indirectly, fund or support criminal or terrorist activities.

The above declaration is called for by the G.I.A. to emphasize that accusations leveled against this industry are generally untrue. Whilst there may be one or two individual rogues who do in fact fit the profile, by far the greatest majority of industry stakeholders are in fact normal business people.