Players Code of Ethics

We, the Players of the Gambling Industry Association do hereby agree to abide by the code of ethics and the spirit thereof.

  1. We do understand that we should read the terms and conditions of play at our chosen casino but please (management), don’t make them confusing, onerous, or just plain silly.
  2. We know that your bonus offers have rules attached to them and we do undertake to read the terms of the bonus. However, please make it apparent in your bonus offer that there are special conditions or better yet, list the conditions so there can be no confusion.
  3. We do understand that casinos have a clause to allow them to ban users who are dishonest. We confirm that we are not dishonest and thus ask that you ensure that we are not branded as dishonest simply because we used a bonus you offered and won.
  4. Important - It is our viewpoint that a casino that offers a bonus must honour a payout to a player who plays according to the bonus terms and conditions.
  5. Important - If a casino chooses to offer bonuses as a marketing tool then it is our viewpoint that they have knowingly given away the whole or part of their house edge for whatever purpose, be it marketing or simply generating goodwill. We reiterate though, that we know that conditions are attached to bonus play and only ask that you make those conditions known to us, the players, in a clear and concise way that is easy to find as well.
  6. Important - We reject the old argument that bonuses are being abused if a player makes a minumum deposit and takes advantage of the bonus. You (the casino), chose to make a bonus available and stipulated measurable terms and conditions. If we, as players, then go on to win within those terms and conditions, then it is our right to be paid as well. Again, we emphasise the fact that YOU chose to offer the bonus and YOU set the specific provisions. If we win, and if you deem us to be undesirable as players, then please pay us out our winnings and ask us to leave. We acknowledge that it is your right to do so.

Board Ethics

  1. We understand that the Gambling Industry Association forums are for the use of multiple users in the form of webmasters, players, affiliate managers, and operators
  2. We agree to conduct ourselves in ways that are not confrontational
  3. We acknowledge that everyone is entitled to an opinion and that, even if such opinion is in total contrast to our own, the opinions of others will be respected
  4. Where we believe a matter, person, or entity needs to be criticized, we will attempt to levy good constructive criticism
  5. We acknowledge that calm and rational discussion is preferable to closing doors and causing offence when trying to resolve our problems
  6. In line with the above, we understand that posts that reflect unnecessary sarcasm, or are confrontational, or inflammatory by nature, will be removed and the poster will be cautioned.
  7. We understand that the board administrators will remove all our posting privileges if a we repeatedly ignore the board ethics

Declaration of morality

We the Players do hereby declare that we do not utilize the services of online gambling to launder money

The above declaration is called for by the G.I.A. to emphasize that accusations leveled against this industry are generally untrue. Whilst there may be one or two individual rogues who do in fact fit the profile, by far the greatest majority of industry stakeholders are in fact normal everyday people.