Online Casino Code of Ethics

We, the Online Casinos of the Gambling Industry Association do hereby agree to abide by the code of ethics and the spirit thereof. (Note that the term online casino is used generically herein and can be agreed to by other entities e.g. Bingo Halls, with the same force and effect)

  1. The very reason for our existence is the player. We acknowledge that we have a duty to the player to deliver a high standard in terms of games, service, and financial matters
  2. We agree that we are at the fore of an extremely tender situation where our interaction with potential players is generally limited to website and e-mail interaction only. We are aware that players under the legal age and players from territories where gambling is illegal will often try and gamble online. We are not undertaking to create a perfect world where no mistakes can be made but we will do as much as we possibly can to prevent any such player from playing for real money funds
  3. We agree that a player deserves to have a great gaming experience and that games should provide fair and random results
  4. We agree that a player who is putting their money at risk is deserving of excellent communication and will attempt to deliver timeous and courteous communication
  5. We understand that a player, who is putting their money at risk, has the right to be given rules of play that are clear and concise
  6. While we admit that some players do target our terms with a view to making a profit by exploiting the terms, we agree to adhere to the terms and conditions that were in play at the time that the player signed up and opened their account
  7. In line with the above, we will not impose new rules on a player who has made a deposit prior to the new rules being published on the website
  8. Once the player has completed their play on their last deposit, the player will then be bound by the new rules
  9. Any offers that are made to players by e-mail will be clear and concise and not carry an ambiguous message surrounding the rules of play
  10. We are aware that various people have claimed that online casinos can serve as a means to launder criminal or terrorist related funds. We confirm that we conform to accepted practices in knowing who our customers are and that we do subject larger transactions to close scrutiny (A more in depth statement in this regards is made below)

Declaration of morality

We the Casino do hereby declare that we do not, directly or indirectly, fund or support criminal or terrorist activities.

The above declaration is called for by the G.I.A. to emphasize that accusations leveled against this industry are generally untrue. Whilst there may be one or two individual rogues who do in fact fit the profile, by far the greatest majority of industry stakeholders are in fact normal business people.