Gambling Industry Association Mission Statement

We perceive a mission statement to be a direction rather than an actual point by point plan. The mission statement will dictate the way we carry out affairs on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. It will dictate the way we set our short, medium, and long term goals.

Our ultimate mission is to forward the credibility of the Industry as a whole. We recognize that there are 4 distinctly separate entities that drive our Industry; Players, Affiliate Programs, Casinos, and Software Providers. We also recognize that each of these entities have competing financial motives, and are often times in direct conflict with each other.

If we can create a more cooperative environment, and build some new bridges to improve communication between these 4 entities, then we will all benefit. Ultimately, our desire is to contribute to making the industry a safer, and more enjoyable experience for everyone involved.


We aim to bring together the Gambling Industry Stakeholders, one and all, and to create an environment of honesty and co-operation for the betterment of the industry as a whole


Bring together the Gambling Industry Stakeholders - In troubled times like these, the industry as a whole is faced with accusations of funding crime, and even worse, funding terrorism. In the midst of accusations like these, we have fragmentation with splinter groups standing up and proclaiming their innocence. Here we stand, divided, and yet a common thread of innocence exists. That's not to say that one or another individual may not be guilty of a crime or worse but we do believe that the actions of a few can never reflect on an entire industry. After all, if one politician is found guilty of criminal actions, does that make politics as whole a criminal industry? If we stand together and explore ways to define and prove the way things truly are, then as an industry we can perhaps dispel the myths being perpetuated by prejudice and misinformation.

Environment of honesty and co-operation - Indeed it's true that those who have something to hide will lie and cheat their way along. In the right environment however, those who are honest will find a place where they will gain confidence to stand up and declare their innocence. Far too many honest operators remain uncooperative and quiet in the name of "Flying under the radar". This is not to avoid being caught for a crime, but simply to avoid being identified at all!

Betterment of the Industry - A united industry has within its reach tools that can be used to give it credibility. Right now, the credibility lies in posts on message boards, and on some responsible webmasters websites. Right now, it's hard for a visitor to separate unsubstantiated claims by webmasters and operators alike. Everyone is the biggest or the best, the fastest or the fairest. With a united industry, standards can be set, goals can be set, and legal issues discussed with a view to resolving them. As separate entities, all the operators and affiliates in the world are simply operators and affiliates and not representatives of an industry as a whole.

We understand that we are a forum with no actual official stamp of approval to hand out to operators, affiliates, or affiliate programs. We will however use good sense and the moral judgment of the majority to guide us in the way we play our hand. We are not dictatorial not better than anyone else, we are simply a group in the midst of an industry that has a right to exist, a right to be heard, and a right to offer our best intentioned opinion.