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Please select a category when you submit the attached contact form. This will enable us to route the mail to the appropriate person. Take note of required fields as well. Not filling them in will of course result in delays that could have been avoided.

Gambling Industry Affiliates

If you are seeking to join the Gambling Industry Association, you will need to supply us with the following information:

  • URL/s of your website/s
  • Your name (not a pseudonym)
  • A brief history about yourself. Include details like how and when you got involved in the industry and what other skills you have in case you are not a full time webmaster

Gambling Industry Affiliate Programs

If you are a newly established affiliate program, we confirm, up front, that it is our policy to offer all Gambling Industry Affiliate Programs a private and a public forum for free. We will however require certain information. Please provide this in the contact form below. We require the following information:

  • Name of Affiliate Program
  • Name of Affiliate Manager
  • A list of clients whom you represent
  • Brief details of the clients' gambling and software license arrangements
  • Your tier structure

Gambling Industry Players

We are aware that many players will be loathe to provide us with their actual name. A pseudonym in this case is acceptable. If however you wish to lodge a claim against a casino, you will of course be required to offer up your name and other relevant details. We would urge you to make use of the private mail function on the board to contact the administrators but in the event of wanting to make use of our contact form, please ensure that you include sufficient detail for us to work from, including of course your own contact details.

Advertisers and Other Enquiries

Please ensure that you give us as much information as possible to work from including of course, a return e-mail address.

Nature of your enquiry (Title) - Use:

  1. Affiliate Enquiry
  2. Affiliate Program Enquiry
  3. Player Enquiry
  4. Advertising Enquiry
  5. General Enquiry

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