Affiliate Webmasters Code of Ethics

All Gambling Industry Association Affiliates will be asked to confirm, by e-mail, that they support the code of ethics laid out below. If they choose to not subscribe to the code of ethics, they will still be able to join as members but they will not be able to display a G.I.A. Approved Affiliate badge. This code of ethics is not onerous, and can in fact be viewed as good and decent morals and representative of a standard that we believe the industry as a whole should conform to.

We, the approved affiliate webmasters of the Gambling Industry Association do hereby agree to abide by the code of ethics and the spirit thereof.


  1. Our websites will contain information that we believe to be factually correct
  2. We will market those entities where we believe a visitor will experience fair play
  3. In the event of a visitor of ours experiencing difficulty in obtaining payment from an entity we marketed to them, we will do whatever we can to assist with arbitration and resolution of the matter
  4. We will not follow "black hat" SEO practices especially by way of spamming the search engines with doorway pages and similar practices
  5. We will not plagiarize the works of others (unless done with permission and giving due credit)
  6. We will not use the work of others to leverage success for ourselves. In this regard we are more specifically referring to acts like site and search engine scraping where our success will damage the success of others
  7. In the preparation of our content, we will take into account the weaknesses of others (such as gambling addicts) and agree that we will never attempt to use or exploit their weakness for our benefit

Affiliate Programs

  1. Affiliate programs are our partners in business, for without them, we would not have the opportunities we do have
  2. As true partners, we agree that while it is the affiliate program's duty to honor it's terms and conditions, our duty is to thus promote their gambling clients to the best of our ability. We do of course have the right to make adjustments to exposure based on measures of success
  3. The people behind the affiliate programs are human, can make mistakes, and must be treated with the same respect that we ourselves would expect to receive


  1. We are not using income generated by our websites to fund criminal activity
  2. We are not using income generated by our websites to fund any activity related to terrorism
  3. We do not believe we are operating illegally. We are marketers and to the best of our knowledge we are paid from a marketing budget for marketing services rendered
  4. We will not engage in any fraudulent activity to generate income for ourselves

Board Ethics

  1. We understand that the Gambling Industry Association forums are for the use of multiple users in the form of webmasters, players, affiliate managers, and operators.
  2. We agree to conduct ourselves in ways that are not confrontational
  3. We acknowledge that everyone is entitled to an opinion and that, even if such opinion is in total contrast to our own, the opinions of others will be respected
  4. Where we believe a matter, person, or entity needs to be criticized, we will attempt to levy good constructive criticism
  5. We acknowledge that calm and rational discussion is preferable to closing doors and causing offence when trying to resolve our problems.