About Gambling Industry Association

Why was the Gambling Industry Association started?

The online gambling industry has some terrific forums and websites to showcase. One needs merely to search on google, yahoo, and MSN to come up with the names of these great websites. The problem is that they mainly serve either individual industries or individual groups. You will find some excellent webmaster forums out there who look after their members' interests with regards to the user groups interaction with the industry. Of course, you have poker forums, sports betting forums, and casino related forums. Add to this the player boards and you have a real strong presence across the web but do you have synergy?

Indeed yes, this is why the Gambling Industry Association has been formed. Not to be better than the other boards in the specific sector or niche but rather to create an board where all niche participants have a place to call home.

Gambling Industry Association Team

CPA - CPA is well known for his honesty and insight into matters relevant to the industry as a whole. CPA was instrumental in setting up the Gambling Industry Association and sites his desire to have a board, "for the industry and by the industry", as his prime reason for being a part of this alternative industry forum.

Universal4 - A look at the number of post made in his role as a moderator at the GPWA will reveal some of the magic that is unique to Universal4. Always ready to pitch in and find solutions to problems, Universal4 is a tireless workhorse with high principles and standards.

BigbCasinos - Once the Assistant Manager of the GPWA, Bigbcasinos is known for always trying to keep things calm. Part of his input into the ethos of the board is that the moderation must be strict to ensure an environment that is conducive to discussion.

Head Moderator "Mr Racetrack" - Mr Racetrack has never been scared to get involved in the heart of matters. The players love him. Mr Racetrack will guide the actions of the players firmly, and together with the board management will work hard to keep the peace while ensuring that everyone gets heard.

As a team, we will try and always keep any kind of prejudice out of the way we work or act. We simply want all parties to talk and to not go about alienating any part of the industry, no matter how small a part it may be.