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Unread 06-16-2010, 02:54 AM
jod5413 Offline
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If you go to an offtrack betting parlor nowadays, you will see those same serious bettors, only now they carry and use laptops with programs to help them figure out which horse has a better speed index, for example. They have some serious history and pedigree, etc., stats in specially made or modified programs. I always wanted to have fun, but never thought I would be able to support myself, but some of these horse and dog handicappers do, in fact, make a living, some of them a very good living. I am not smart enough or focused enough to ever even try that route!

As far as making money in the business, being a one man show, meant I was a very small "player" in the industry. Racing took a lot of all the earnings from breeding, boarding and training. Many years it offset my taxes from my "day job", which left me with about 4 hours a sleep a nite through all of those years!

I loved it, and got great pleasure in one of my home-bred and raised horses making it big, not so much in small track racing (a little up the scale from bush tracks), but in dressage, pleasure, eventing and hunter/jumper horses. I crossed my TB stallion with all different horses of quality, and I did make some decent bucks training and boarding, lay up (sick or lame horses) which means doctoring and rehabilitating, foaling out, and year around boarding of other people's broodmares. That part brought in some serious bucks as I really did know what I was doing. Didn't hurt being a vet tech for large animals, specializing in horses, of course. Hard work and I am paying the price daily from the strenuous labors in the biz, but it was worth it. (She says with a groan"!!

I have been out of it since about 2005. Lots of memories, I'll say that!

Uh oh, I am babbling, sorry folks. I do not usually post about my "real life" on this Earth. Boring stuff to too many people, I am sure. Oh Well!
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Unread 06-16-2010, 06:31 PM
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Thanks for the background Jod, it was much appreciated.....

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Unread 06-16-2010, 06:39 PM
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Not boring! I enjoy sharing who we are in our little corners of the world. It's interesting.

My mom used to send us to riding lessons. They were $5 then. I remember going on an english foxhunt. I had the horse Rebel who had a beautiful canter but wanted to lead. I had to turn him in circles alot because you are not allowed to go ahead of the leader. I did a couple shows but it was more like 4h stuff than anything. Then we got two horses of our own and I used to ride daily.

Loved it. I can see where you would devote all your time and feel lucky to do it.

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