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Originally Posted by mojo View Post
Embalu, I hope this gets resolved for you.

It should not matter if your evidence is in Hungarian. If you can confirm that the Investigator cleared you, there should be no issue. Especially after meeting you in person. Do you still have the photo?

Hopefully someone from Rushmore can clear this up quickly for us!
The investigator made many photos about me holding my passport and other IDs in my hand, and also close photos of my documents that prove my address and identity. This was on 9th October 2009. I can anytime make such photos but if the originals are needed I can contact him and I'm sure he will send me them.

The issue started in December 2008 so it is now 14 months old and it's very hard to solve it because Rushmore simply ignores my e-mails. This is why I had to communicate with them indirectly. I have even asked Moneybookers to contact them as Rushmore is one of their merchants, and this was Rushmore's response to them:

This player was investigated and the address was visited that he had provided on sign-up. He did not reside at the address which he had indicated, due to this we refunded his deposits rather than paying out the winnings. He was certified with us also but due to several accounts in the region coming back as having used stolen identities we had to rely on private investigators to check the addresses provided. If a player did not reside and an address they had provided we considered the account fraudulent and did not proceed further with investigating them.

I forwarded this to the investigator. He confirmed that it is not true that he visited my home city because the first verification in March 2009 was sufficient to verify me. (I also told him that if it will be needed, we can meet at my permanent address, of course.)

At the time when the investigator phoned, I was at my temporary address and I informed him that if he calls my permanent address's land-based phone now, he can speak with my mother or my sister.

Rushmore's conclusion: "This is actually the address of his mother" and "He did not reside at the address which he had indicated, due to this we refunded his deposits rather than paying out the winnings."

They don't care that my permanent address is written in all of my ID's and that it is registered at every government place. Their "logic" is that the fact that I was not at my permanent address when the investigator phoned means that my permanent address is not mine...

Plus, if the casino says that my address is false, then do they think that I hacked into the database of the Hungarian Online Directory Assistance?? My name and address appears there, too.
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