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Originally Posted by caruso View Post
I think we can all take a guess exactly where that will lead.

To the OP: if the details posted are correct, I can't see how they cannot reasonably pay. Can you corroborate what the investigator said, ie. do you have his written word, and also proof that he was employed by Rushmore?

BTW, posting at WOL is a waste of time, noone reads that forum anymore.
I have all the e-mails of the investigator (however, they are in Hungarian language). His employer is not directly the casino - Rushmore hired a British investigator company and he works for this company.

He wrote that he doesn't understand why the casino ignored the clear evidences about my identity and address, and that his personal opinion is that the casino's attitude is unfair. However, of course, he can't interfere the casino's decisions.

Yes, I noticed that there were no replies at WOL, that's why I posted the issue here, too.
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