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I have three addresses. Two of them are in Eastern Europe.

That doesn't make me a Russian mafisoso.

Neither does living with your mother make you a cheat - what an extraordinary attitude. The fact that you happen to not own the house you live in, and do not appear on the title deeds, is not an excuse for a casino to not pay. Not even Rushmore.

The cause of the problem was that in addition to my permanent address I'm also renting an apartment, so I also have a temporary address, and in the phone book they could find my mother's name because the land-based phone at my permanent address is on her name. Of course I registered to the casino with my permanent address, because all mails, utility bills, bank statements and everything go to my permanent address and as I mentioned, it is registered at every official place so it is verifiable at all times, while the other address is just temporary.
Normal student / young person circumstances.

One to post at GPWA, Rick? This one looks cut & dried. With the third-party corroboration, I don't see how they can pull any of the usual excuses out the bag.
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