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There is no right or wrong answer without tests....

The best thing you can do is try a number of different things on different pages, and then ask for recommendations from your fellow webmasters, here, the GPWA or GAP.

Then after a handful of folks respond, if you get a high percentage of people telling you too many, try reducing them and see if it improves both the reviews as well as conversions.

I took a quick look at the site mentioned and I think there are a few too many different colors both in the backgrounds, table backgrounds and such...not enough consistiency....

It made the site appear a little too busy...

...but I also think improvement could be made if the entire site was widened a resolution is set at 1280x800 and that makes the center table look a bit cramped compared to all the area on both sides...

Now if you have found that the market you are targeting has a high percentage of lower resolutions, then you are right to keep the smaller table sizes.

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