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Straight Talk!
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Default Straight Talk!

Hi Folks,
We intend to use this forum for some HONEST, STRAIGHT talk about current HOT Topics in the Biz.
That could be casinos, affiliate programs, players, player message boards, and webmaster message boards, Etc., Etc...

This will mainly consist of EDITORIAL type posts, and will not be subject to replies in this particular forum.

Naturally, We will engage any discussions related to the posts in this forum in the,... "It's Time To Talk" forum below", as you would, or should expect us to do.

In other words, I'd like to see this forum be a catalog, and stimulus on the Hot Current issues, but for the dialog to take place below in order to keep this forum a bit more FOCUSED, and easier for people who don't post much to get the Straight Up, Honest information on Current Events, and Hot Topics that might be of interest to them!
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