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If they follow the casino's terms for the bonus "To a T", then there is no abuse, or exploitation, IMO. If they don't like the terms,...don't take the bonus. Simple.

If they break even ONE rule, no matter if it's related to the bonus, no matter if it's minor, no matter if it doesn't even effect the outcome,....then all bets are off.

Having been involved is numerous complaints over the years, I am honestly telling you that almost all of the time a rule was broken, and the player wanted the casino to pay up anyway.
The truth. Fortune Lounge was one the VERY FEW that actually would forgive a rules breech, and paid to appease the player. That happened several times to be honest, and fair to them. It's no surprise to me that they may be getting a bit sick of that, and are trying to redfine things.

I'm sure Fortune's VP would have be delighted to discuss the terms, and any changes they were considering if he had not been so grossly assaulted in a BOGUS thread.

There was a great opportunity for the players to interact directly with someone of authority, and it was squandered away in favor of bashing him instead.
That makes my blood boil too, BTW!
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