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gaffg 08-24-2013 05:22 AM

SEO Factors for 2013
What are the SEO factors that all webmasters need to focus on?

Penguin: This means link building. If you have low quality links these can hurt your website. Likewise if your anchor text is over optimized this can also result in penalties.

Panda: This is your content. Avoid duplicate content or pages that are weak in content. Panda has more to do with quality factors.

Rich Snippets: An easy way to get more clicks in search engines to help conversion.

Authorship: Maybe the days of article spinning will come to an end as google encourages webmasters to put a face and name to their content through the use of authorship and of course their google+ profiles.

Mobile & Responsive Design: If your website isn't viewable on mobile devices, expect higher bounce rates which can lead to getting less mobile search traffic.

Social Media: Social media you can consider as other sources of traffic and also as a quality signal of your website.

Conversion Rate Optimization: Convert or get out of the way. Low conversions lead to a higher bounce rate, which in turn can make it easier for search engines like google to reduce your rankings.

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